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Here on our Articles page you can read various opinions, references and other materials related to an Article V Convention (sorted alphabetically below by the Institution's or the Author's last name).  FOAVC does not support any specific amendments, but articles posted on this page may discuss various amendments and are strictly the opinion of the authors. Publication of the article by FOAVC does not imply support for any proposed amendments.


679 Constitutional Conventions by all 50 States (none of which were run-away conventions):    
Some opponents to Article V try to perpetuate fear of an Article V Convention by claiming that it could be a run-away convention. However, that fear-mongering is not based on any facts or history.
Already, the American states have had 679 (or more) Constitutional Conventions, and none of them were run-away conventions. Recently, Iraq and Afghanistan have had Constitutional Conventions.
Many nations have Constitutional Conventions.

It should also be pointed out that no amendment to the U.S. Constitution can become law unless ratified by three-fourths of the states.  That, by design, is a significant hurdle. Over 10,000 amendments
 to the U.S. Constitution have been proposed over the past 220 years, but only 27 have been ratified. Thus, the fear-mongering about a run-away convention is unjustified.What is a major concern however,
is the blatant violation by Congress to call an Article V Convention as specified in the U.S. Constitution.

1917 List of 679 American State Constitutional Conventions (between 1776 and 1917)


Articles by Judge Bruce M. Van Sickle  and  Attorney Lynn M. Boughey   
Fall 1990   A Lawful and Peaceful Revolution:  Article V and Congress' Present Duty to Call a Convention for Proposing Amendments - Part 1 
    A Lawful and Peaceful Revolution:  Article V and Congress' Present Duty to Call a Convention for Proposing Amendments - Part 2 
    A Lawful and Peaceful Revolution:  Article V and Congress' Present Duty to Call a Convention for Proposing Amendments - Part 3 


Articles by Chief Justice Thomas E. Brennan (also see Judge Brennan's blog)
05-Oct-2008 HTML Real Change
1982 HTML Return to Philadelphia
  HTML The Last Prerogative


Articles by Joel S. Hirschhorn:
13-Oct-2009 HTML Constitutional Hypocrisy Constitutional Hypocrisy
14-May-2009 HTML Constitutional Rubbish
12-Dec-2008 HTML Illinois Citizens Deserve Corrupt Government - Public Corruption Runs Rampant Because Americans Do Not Seek Genuine Political Reforms 
07-Nov-2008 HTML Voters Keep Re-electing Congressional Losers
17-Sep-2008 HTML How to Celebrate Constitution Day
09-Sep-2008 HTML Deception and Delusion:  Dummies for Democracy
08-Sep-2008 HTML Neo-Progressives Sell Out To Democrats
21-Jul-2007   Should You Support Having the Nation's First Article V Convention?
04-Jul-2008 HTML Congress Defies Article V of the U.S. Constitution  
02-May-2008 HTML How To Get Universal Health Care
23-Apr-2008 HTML How Hillary Can Knock-Out Obama
15-Apr-2008 HTML The Most Powerful People in America
14-Feb-2008 HTML Obama Hope Beating Clinton Help
01-Feb-2008 HTML The Evolution of Evil
26-Oct-2007 HTML Ron Paul Reality Check - Can Passionate Ron Paul Supporters Face Some Ugly Facts?
11-Oct-2007 HTML Illegal Immigration Spurs Constitutional Amendment
08-Oct-2007 HTML Irresponsible Americans - - Joel Hirschhorn, in this article, addresses personal responsibility and civic responsibility.
24-Aug-2007 HTML Why Has Congress Failed Americans?
07-Aug-2007 HTML Removing a Failed President
12-Jul-2007 HTML Seeking Political Reform Through Solidarity
06-Jul-2007 HTML Senator Specter Fights for Constitution
01-Jul-2007 HTML Thanks for Dick Cheney 
14-Jun-2007 HTML Are Americans Unready To Boil 
14-Jun-2007 HTML Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions
06-Jun-2007 HTML Open Letter to Ron Paul
22-May-2007 HTML All the Presidential Candidates are Cowards 
14-May-2007 HTML Finding Hope in a Dismal World 
05-Apr-2007 HTML From Economic Apartheid to Political Revolution
20-Mar-2007 HTML Democracy Dreaming 
06-Mar-2007 HTML Taking Democracy Seriously 
07-Feb-2007 HTML Delusion Destroys Democracy 
30-Jan-2007 HTML Healthy Political Faith 
16-Jan-2007 HTML Runaway American Brainwashing
08-Jan-2007 HTML Open Letter to John Edwards 
05-Jan-2007 HTML Time To Make Congress Obey the Constitution
02-Jan-2007 HTML A New Year's Resolution for ALL Presidential Candidates 


Articles by FOAVC Member Richard Backus:
14-Dec-2007 HTML A Flagrant Violation of the Constitution   
22-Mar-2007 HTML Ethics in Government  
09-Mar-2007 HTML Democracy In America   


FOAVC Responses to the John Birch Society:
  To date, FOAVC has received no response from Mr. McManus or Mr. Mass.
11-Feb-2007 HTML

FOAVC Co-founder Bill Walker responded to Mr. McManus' letter.  
  While FOAVC is a non-partisan group, it does not mean FOAVC will not correct errors regarding an Article V Convention. FOAVC will attempt to reach out to all Americans of all political beliefs, and ask them to join with other concerned Americans to discuss and resolve the issues surrounding an Article V Convention. Much of the problem surrounding an Article V Convention is that most Americans have been ill-informed regarding an Article V Convention.
03-Feb-2007 HTML Following the publishing of his article "Healthy Political Faith", Mr. Joel S. Hirschhorn received a letter from Mr. John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society
23-Jan-2007 HTML Following the publishing of Mr. Hirschhorn's article "Runaway American Brainwashing" (16-Jan-2007), a column was written by Mr. Warren Mass, editor of the John Birch Society Bulletin:

   "A Second Constitutional Convention Would Endanger Our Republic" - by Mr. Warren Mass, editor of the John Birch Society Bulletin 


Articles by member Ted Dolan
03-May-2007 HTML Unconventionally Speaking


Articles by Phillip Durrence:
20-Oct-2007 HTML

An Article V Convention is Long Overdue!  


Articles by Dr. Fred Foldvary
14-April-2007 HTML

How California Lost Its Sovereignty


Articles by Dr. Robert Fowler
30-Jul-2007 HTML

Twelve Steps to a True American Democracy 


Articles by Alex S. Gabor
20-Dec-2008 HTML

Impending Collapse of American Government Calls For New Constitutional Convention 


Articles by Roger Sherman Hoar
??-Jun-1917 HTML   Constitutional Conventions - Their Nature, Powers, and Limitations by Roger Sherman Hoar, A.B., LL.B.


Articles by Sanford Levinson
27-Jan-2004 HTML

Testimony of Sanford V. Levinson - Ensuring the Continuity of the United States Government: A Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Guarantee a Functioning Congress
Sanford V. Levinson's interview (see the transcript here) with Bill Moyers (see the video here). 


Articles by Neal Ross
17-Jul-2008 HTML

Power - Power is something that is often sought. However, once it is obtained it is like a drug that constantly demands an ever increasing amount of it. Most often it is wielded in a way that only benefits those who have it, with little regard for the welfare of those who do not.  Thomas Jefferson once said . . .


Articles by Nicholas Stephanopoulos
01-Dec-2008 HTML

What Jefferson Said - The case for regularly amending state constitutions--or at least having the opportunity to . . .


Articles by Richard Waddell
13-Aug-2007 HTML

Good Steering   


Articles by Bill Walker
16-Jun-2009 HTML


The Rasmussen Reports Poll
08-Jan-2008 HTML

If Not Now Then When for an Article V Convention? 

Article V Constitutional Convention History